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Residential Utility Service Contract


    NOTE: Previous balance(s) owed to the City of Chickasha must be paid in full before service will be connected.

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  5. Service Contract - Residential
  6. Agreement
    The undersigned, hereafter called the "Applicant", hereby applied to the following service, Water from the City of Chickasha Municipal Authority, hereinafter called the "Authority", with the execution of this application, the Applicant agrees to the terms of this agreements.
  7. 1.*

    The Applicant will pay forthwith to this Authority the sum of ($55 for a homeowner, $80 for a renter) as a deposit for the Utility services. Deposit will be retained by the Authority until service is disconnected. Upon the issuance of the final bill, the deposit will be applied to the outstanding charges and the balance, if any remains it will be mailed to the forwarding address on file.

  8. 2.*
    The acceptance of this application by the Authority shall constitute an agreement between the Applicant and the Authority, and the contract for Utility Services shall continue in force form the date of services made available to the Applicant, by the Authority, and thereafter until cancelled by either party.
  9. 3.*
    The Applicant will purchase from and pay the Authority for: Water Service and Refuse Collection charge to be used on the premises described below. The Applicant will pay said bill for services by the due date of each month or pay such penalties and fees as may be assessed by the Authority.
  10. 4. *

    The Applicant will comply with and be bound by the provisions of the regulations of the Authority. If any delinquent account is turned to collections or an attorney, or if suit is filed, all costs and attorney fees associated therewith, fees, costs, and expenses, shall be added to the delinquent account.

  11. 5. *

    Applicant hereby agrees to furnish the information as required by the Authority. Any information found to be false or not supplied, hereby beeches the contract and the above said services can be terminated at the option of the City of Chickasha Municipal Authority.

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