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CPD INTERNAL - Recruitment/Retention and Feedback Survey

  1. CPD Recruitment and Feedback Survey

    Thank you for participating in this survey. Participation in this survey is voluntary but appreciated! Participants are not required to fill out each box.

    Answers will collectively be used to help shape recruitment and retention strategies, including marketing and PR. Your name and personal information will not be used or shared without your explicit permission. 

  2. Instructions - Section 1

    In this first section, you will be shown 5 sentences. In the text field following the sentence, please share your thoughts on the statement, which could include supporting commentary, stories the statement brings to mind, or questions you may have. 

  3. Instructions - Section 2

    In the next section, you be shown 5 words that correspond with CPD's Core Values. In the text field following the word, share how or why you believe the word describes the department as a whole, your career as a Police Officer, or other thoughts that relate this word to CPD. Feel free to include short stories and/or questions. 

  4. Instructions - Section 3

    You're almost done! This final section has a few questions to help us get a comprehensive look at how to best recruit new officers, retain our current officers, develop marketing and PR strategies for our community, and ensure that our Core Values are a true representation of our department. 

  5. Are you willing to be photographed and/or be in videos to help with recruitment, marketing and PR? *
  6. Can we use your name alongside your responses when analyzing the collective responses?*

    If you reply no, your name will be deleted when the form responses are downloaded. 

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