Fire & EMS Fee Schedule


Service Rate
Advanced Life Support 2 (ALS1) $1,200.00
Advanced Life Support 2 (ALS2) $1,500.00
Advanced Life Support (ALS) Non-Emergency $1,000.00
Basic Life Support (BLS) $975.00
Basic Life Support (BLS) Non-EMERGENCY $900.00
Mileage $16.50/Mile
Emergency Call with Specialized Care and No Transport $150.00
Lift Assist without Transport $82.50 Outside City


Service Rate
Leaks from Damage to Low-Pressure Natural Gas Lines $275.00 Plus Actual Costs Incurred
Small Fuel Spills of Less Than 20 Gallons $275.00 Plus Actual Costs Incurred
All Other Hazardous Materials Incidents -
Initial Response Inside City Limits $550.00
Initial Response Outside the City Limits $2,750.00
Each Responding Vehicle $220.00/hr with 2 hr Minimum 
(Billed in 15 Minute Increments)
Equipment and Supplies Actual Cost
Contract Labor or Materials Actual Cost


Service Rate
First Inspection No Charge
Second and Subsequent Inspections $110.00 per Site Visit