Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

The City of Chickasha's Employee of the Month program was created to recognize employees for their outstanding work and achievements as a City employee. In 2019, the City of Chickasha honored the following employees as Employee of the Month:

Amanda ForwardJanuary
Amanda Forward, Finance Department

Amanda's coworkers say she is exceptionally knowledgeable at her job and that her empathetic nature and friendly smile bring joy to those around her. Amanda started at the City in July 2018, and she immediately made it a point to get to know her coworkers and customers. She is always professional, engaging and caring in her interactions with the public. 

Steven Adams, February 2019 Employee of the MonthFebruary
Steven Adams, Public Works

Steven was chosen for this honor because of his dedicated service, commitment to teamwork and willingness to always go above and beyond expectations. He was called upon to help meet tight deadlines during the Festival of Light setup. Under Steven's leadership, the Public Works Department completed setup in record time. 

Cameron Colclasure EOMMarch
Cameron Colclasure, Accounts Payable Clerk

Cameron was chosen for this honor because of his consistency in delivering outstanding customer service and his embodiment of the City of Chickasha’s mission, vision and values. Colleagues say he is always willing to lend a hand, offer advice and help coworkers understand the process of working with the Finance Department. Cameron's coworkers say he is approachable, thoughtful, detail Roy Maloney EOMoriented and considerate.

Roy Maloney, Parks Supervisor

Roy's coworkers nominated him for the award because of his eye and attention to detail. They say he has a great relationship with his coworkers, and that he is a team player who works to promote unity.

Laura Miller EOMLaura Miller, Municipal Court Clerk

Laura was nominated by her coworkers for her drive and dedication to her department, her city and her community. Laura has had several different career assignments with the City of Chickasha. Her coworkers say she willingly steps up to help within the department to help other employees, no matter how heavy her own workload is. Her attitude and work ethic are an example to others.

Zachary Nickels EOMJune
Zachary Nickels, Communications Specialist

Zachary's coworkers say he exemplifies the ‘Chickasha Way’ by putting citizens first, always doing the right thing and displaying a high level of integrity. He is very knowledgeable in his duties and is always willing to assist, even before being asked. He goes above and beyond to help his coworkers. Zachary dreams of becoming a Police Officer and is using his career as a Communications Specialist as a tool on his path to achieving that dream.

Shae Mortimer EOMJuly
Shae Mortimer, Marketing & Civic Engagement Manager

Shae started at the City of Chickasha in November of 2018. In the short time that Shae has been at the City of Chickasha, she has made a huge impact on the City’s public presence, sharing information that is essential and vital to citizens. We appreciate her efforts for the City of Chickasha.

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