Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of three detectives and a detective supervisor. An initial report of a crime is generally conducted by a uniformed patrol officer. In a majority of cases, the uniformed patrol officer is able to complete his/her investigation, the identification of suspects, make an arrest or complete the appropriate paperwork to have charges filed.

In other cases where this is not done or there is a need of a more in-depth and or specialized investigation is needed, this case will then be forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division.

Each detective receives training to help better benefit the police department and the community in which we serve. The detective supervisor reviews all reports and determines whether it needs to be assigned for further investigation. There are numerous factors when deciding this. These include: the solvability of the case such as witnesses and or physical evidence, whether viable leads exist or can be developed whereby a suspect(s) can be identified, and the extent of injury and/or and or property loss.

The Chickasha Police Department as a rule will have a detective follow up on essentially all violent crimes against persons, crimes against vulnerable adults, children or a case of an especially serious nature. Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division receive specialized training to cover a litany of crimes to include: Homicides, sexual offense related crimes, crimes against children, narcotics as well as specialized training in regard to crime scenes.

If you have information pertaining to a crime and wish to report it anonymously, you may call it in to Crimestoppers at 224-TIPS. If your information leads to an arrest and conviction, you may be eligible for a reward.