Cemetery Maintenance

The City of Chickasha operates Rose Hill and Fairlawn Cemeteries.

Both cemeteries are opened to the public 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes before dusk.

Internment Authorization Form (PDF)

Rose Hill Cemetery Entrance Sign

Cemetery Maps

Fairlawn Cemetery Entrance Sign

Lot Prices

Service Rate
Adult $660.00
Infant $385.00
Half Plot Rose Hill Only (Cremains Only) $550.00                       
Deed Filing $18.00

Opening & Closing - Weekday

Service Rate
Adult $525.00
Infant (40'x24") $275.00
Cremains $305.00

Opening & Closing - Weekend

Service Rate
Adult $745.00
Infant (40'x24") $305.00
Cremains $330.00

Additional Fees

Service Rate
Cremains set in Headstone $275.00
Setting Concrete Box $25.00
Marker per Each (Flat Stone)  $16.50
Lot Markers per SET (Corner Stone) $12.00
Monument per Each (Raised Stone) $28.00
Memorial per Each (Raised Stone) $28.00
Flat Stone Markers provided by the 
US Government/Veterans Administration
No Charge
Funerals Before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m. $550.00