Letter from the Manager

The City of Chickasha has recently completed construction of over 50,000 square feet of hangar space at the Municipal Airport. This space is in 3 new buildings and is in addition to the existing 40,000 plus square footage that has been available since shortly after World War II.

The city opened it's new terminal building in the Spring of 2001 which includes a conference room, pilots lounge, briefing area along with rest room facilities, pilots supply and vending machines. We have high speed internet access, automated weather and beginning in March 2008 we will provide terminal access 24/7 by means of an electronic door lock. The airport and terminal are covered by a video surveillance system which will allow us to provide after hours courtesy car check out without having to wait on staff members to return to the airport.

The city has completed the construction new aprons along with security fencing and a new beacon. We now have a state of the art 24-7 fuel system. We have added new runway and taxiway lights as well as lighted runway / taxiway markers and lighted distance markers to our runway.

Come check out our new facilities. We have reasonable rates and would like to be of service to you.

For additional information, please come by or call us at 405-222-6006

Thank You!
Steve Chapman
Airport Manager