Animal Welfare Division and the Animal Shelter


The Animal Control Division and Animal Shelter facility falls under the supervision of the Chickasha Police Department. If you have an issue requiring the assistance of an Animal Control Officer, please call 405-222-6050 or 405-222-6093.


The Division currently has two full-time ACOs staffed and available for calls 7 days a week within normal business hours. Depending on the severity of the issue a regular uniformed police officer may be able to assist you after hours.


The Shelter is located at 203 Genevieve Drive. The hours vary during the week, but it is generally open from 8 am to 4 pm. Please call the main police line at 405-222-6050 to make sure someone is at the Shelter before showing up, as the doors are usually locked.


Adoption/License/Other Fees
The Animal Shelter has many animals available for adoption.  There are fees involved in the adoption process. Please call and speak with an Animal Control Officer for an explanation of the fees involved. The fees are set by the City Council and are listed in the Municipal Ordinances (see link below).

The shelter encourages you to view the available animals when you are considering getting a pet. The following link is to a supplemental page which includes photos and descriptions of the animals.

Pet Finder


City animal licenses are available at the Shelter and at City Hall, located at 117 North 4h Street.
All pets must wear the license tag at all times when off the premises of the owner.  If the animal is ever lost or running loose, the license/tag helps us get your animal back to you. It also helps as a proof of ownership, should someone else try and claim your animal.

Please speak with an ACO for the current rate for the license.


There are other fees related to the impounding of animals, boarding fees, and surrendering fees (inside and outside the city limits).

Municipal Codes
You may view municipal codes on the City of Chickasha’s webpage at:

Click on the Municipal Codes icon and view chapter 3 on animals.

Many volunteers donate their time working at the shelter.  Volunteers are always welcome but must have prior approval of the ACO supervisor.  
Assistance is always appreciated with cleaning, feeding, and playing with the animals.    If you wish to volunteer at the shelter, please contact one of the animal control officers at 222-6093.


We carry various sizes of animals traps that are available free of charge to city residents only. Please contact an ACO for information on how to obtain a trap.